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Girl on the Orlop Deck

By Beryl Kingston

She will find her husband, even if it means enlisting…

Portsmouth, 1803. The British Navy headed by Lord Admiral Nelson himself are in pursuit of Johnny Frenchman.

For months, there have been rumours of Napoleon Bonaparte and the French fleet making war against Britain and her Navy.

With sustained rumours that the French Navy has more numbers, ships and guns than the British, Nelson knows that they are at a high disadvantage.

Only strategy and a steady stream of enlisted men and boys could claim them victory.

Although to Nelson’s ignorance, some of those boys might not be boys after all…

Marianne Morris thought her wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of her life.

Her beloved husband, Jem Templeman was not only handsome, but a talented and ambitious carpenter.

But after a spat on the very wedding day itself, Jem took off, leaving poor Marianne distraught.

To her horror, she soon finds out he’s enlisted in the navy to be a ship’s carpenter.

Marianne is not going to be humiliated by her shirking husband – if she has to disguise herself as boy and join the navy herself to find him, then so be it.

She’ll become Matt Morris for him.

At every port, to every other sailor she meets, she’ll ask for Jem Templeman and bring him home.

What she didn’t expect was how large the fleet is. Nor did she expect to actually grow accustomed to naval life.

Not only that, but she isn’t the only “boy” on the ship.

While she toils away on The Amphion; unknown to her, Jem is far away on The Sirius.

As the French seemingly refuse to fight, and Nelson vows to not set foot on land until the threat is over, both their journeys far extend their wildest imaginations.

On the sea, patience is the greatest virtue and through it all, Marianne is still stalwart on finding Jem.

Even as she tempted wayward…

An epic story on love, war and loyalty, The Girl on the Orlop Deck is a moving and thrilling historical novel.

Beryl Kingston was born in Tooting in 1931 and was evacuated during the war. She studied at King’s College London, qualified as a teacher and headed an English department. She was been a published author since 1980 and is a self-confessed ‘political animal’, taking part in street demonstrations and protests. She was also a beauty queen in 1947!

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