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The Grey Shepherds

By Angus MacVicar

In the lonely wilderness of Scotland, a Highland shepherd finds the body of a nameless girl crushed beneath a druid stone…

At first accepted as an unfortunate accident, the details of her death soon draw questions as things don’t quite add up.

An echo of the tragedy reaches London, with freelance journalist Shamus MacDonald – ‘Fighting Mac’ to readers of the Gazette – finding himself commissioned to investigate the tragedy.

Fresh off a hot story that resulted in the conviction of a spy, MacDonald quickly becomes convinced that the two cases are related.

When he discovers that a bracelet taken from the dead girl is identical to one worn by Millicent Smith -the mistress of more than one powerful man, including the convicted spy – he sets out to prove not only that the victim is Millicent Smith, but that her death is part of a much larger cover-up.

One hiding at its core a dangerous spy ring that threatens the national security of the country.

Probing for truth in Scotland and London, MacDonald lays out a trap for the enemy with himself as bait – and realises almost too late that he may have underestimated his opponents.

Confronted at every turn by dangerous opponents who want him dead, it becomes a race to unearth the truth before he, too, is murdered…

The Grey Shepherds is a tense murder mystery steeped in secrets and lies.

Praise for Angus MacVicar

‘Angus MacVicar runs John Buchan close as the supreme spinner of an enthralling yarn’ – Daily Express

‘The writer par excellence of Scottish thrillers’ – Western Independent

‘The finest exponent of the thick-ear thriller since the palmy days of ‘Sapper’ and John Buchan.’ – Time and Tide

Angus MacVicar was a Scottish writer specialising in crime thrillers, young adult and autobiography. His other books include The Singing Spider, The Ten Green Brothers and Crime’s Masquerader .

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