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Paytime For A Good Man

Goodness isn’t always its own reward…

For a time, Todd Coulter’s life was good and simple. Putting the war behind him, he married Sarah and together, they built themselves a working ranch.

But tragedy strikes when Todd’s young son is bitten by a rattlesnake and dies.

And then not long after, Sarah falls ill.

Todd tries to get the good Doctor Halbern from the local town of Clanton, but when they return, it’s too late. Sarah is dead.

His neighbour Mick Murphy once told him that bad luck comes in threes, and for Todd, that’s exactly right.

His third stroke of bad luck comes in the form of a storm, which destroys his ranch, killing all the steers and scaring any living ones away.

It’s all too much for Todd, but with all three times of bad luck out the way, maybe his life will be on the up…

And just like that, his old friend Hollis Clarke shows up in Clanton.

They were army buddies in the war; despite not having seen each other in years, they feel as close as ever.

And it’s not coincidence that Hollis has shown up – he’s needs a friend he can trust for something that, if all goes to plan, will make them rich men.

After the war, Hollis worked for the Mexican bandit, Escobar; fed up of doing the man’s dirty work, Hollis wants to backstab the bandit where it hurts; his money.

In the past, Todd would have said no to such a dirty scheme but not now. As far as Todd is concerned, he’s got nothing to lose.

And more importantly, the world owes him something; this is his payment for all the pain in his life.

However, it seems that bad luck doesn’t stop at three times.

They get the money, but Hollis is shot and Escobar is hot on their trail. And Hollis knows all too well Escobar isn’t one to give up when money’s involved.

And it’s not only Escobar that the money affects…

Can Todd trust his old friend not to run off with all the money?

A suspenseful and thrilling Western, Paytime For A Good Man is a classic tale of money, greed and paranoia.

Praise for Joseph McGraw

‘A fast-paced and totally gripping wild west thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat’ – bestselling author Tom Casey


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