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Mordant: The Power of Nine By R. M. Dorn

‘It is a magical symbol, a square divided by lines from corner to corner, which connect five spots like the five faces on a die. It is the means whereby a mage controls his colours and uses them to perform magic.’

On the raash planet Vard, a baby girl is born – half raash on the outside, half human on the inside.

The baby shows early signs of having colours, the controls of magic present in mages throughout the dimensions.

However, this is dangerous, because the girl, Mordant, is a slave. And slaves aren’t supposed to have magic. Mordant quickly learns to hide her colours and hide herself, blending in with the other slaves so as not to draw attention to herself.

But as she grows, so do her powers, and she is rescued by those who still live in Free Vard, away from the corrupt raash overlords. There she is trained in magic, combat, and spy craft.

After her training is complete, she will be sent to Earth, with a message: The raash are coming for the Tools of Power. Beware.

Mordant will have to learn to master herself along with her powers to be able to complete her mission. Along the way she will learn more of the universe, magic, and what it means to be human.

Mordant: The Power of Nine is a roaring adventure through space, magic, and weaponry. Set in a distant post-apocalyptic future, discover how learning more about other parallel worlds can help the inhabitants reach their potential.


Praise for R.M. Dorn:

‘I admire Rosemary’s astounding feat of imagination and storytelling skills.’ – The Bell

‘R. M. Dorn has an excellent imagination.’ – Karen J. Hickory, Baroness’ Book Trove

R. M. Dorn is a pen name. The author has enjoyed a busy and varied career, and a number of interests, including reading, theatre, art, local history and gardening. Following up on her life-long passion for fantasy, mythology, and science fiction, she now spends most of her time writing. With a tendency to get restless, and a liking for doing up houses, she spent twenty years moving at frequent intervals, but within a confined area. She has now put down roots, and has two homes, one in East Devon, for summers by the sea, and the other in West Sussex for snug winters by the fireside.

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