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Types of audiobook listener

What Type of Audiobook Listener Are You?

As the availability of brilliant audiobooks continues to grow, more and more booklovers have started listening in.
Whether you’re just catching on, or you’ve made audiobooks a habit, we bet you’ll spot yourself among these five types of audiobook listener…

The Multitasker

The Multitasker won’t hit play until they’re set to go with another task. Whether it’s cooking the dinner, weeding the garden, or something creative like a spot of knitting, the Multitasker loves that an audiobook lets them be twice as productive.

For Multitaskers we recommend Geoffrey Ashe’s Mythology of the British Isles. Listening to a fascinating history like this one will make you feel extra productive. And if your knitting or weeding distracts you for a minute, you don’t risk missing a major plot point!

The Nibbler

The Nibbler is a not-too-distant relative of the Multitasker, who likewise views audiobooks as a way of packing more reading into their everyday. They’ll use any opportunity to chip away at their current listen. Washing the dishes, doing their makeup, watering the garden – no task is too short.

For Nibblers we recommend A Sherlock Holmes Alphabet of Cases by Roger Riccard. Listening to a collection of fast-paced short stories means you’ll be jumping straight into the action every time you tune in – so each and every snippet is satisfying.

The Committer

A far cry from the Nibbler, the Committer is about devoting all their energy to their current read. So much so, that they don’t even want the distraction of turning the pages – which is why audiobooks are so perfect. The Committer can curl up, plug in, and tune out everything else.

For Committers we recommend The Tobacconist’s Wife, because what’s more all-consuming than an emotionally absorbing saga that transports you to Victorian England.

The Pacesetter

Forget music with a bpm of 130, the Pacesetter wants to listen to a fast-paced audiobook while they work out. The Pacesetter’s read needs to be something that’ll get their heart racing while simultaneously distracting them from their burning chest and muscles.

We recommend Elizabeth McGregor’s Little White Lies. The book behind the hit BBC series, this gripping, high-speed rollercoaster will give you no time to contemplate stopping your workout. 

The Commuter

Perhaps the most common species of audiobook listener, the Commuter gets their audiobook fill on their way to and from work. A vague transitional time, the Commuters often like their listening material to provide a soothing, almost transcendental experience.

We recommend Dyatlov Pass by Alan K. Baker. A supernatural thriller inspired by real events, this listen combines the best of fiction with the commuter’s other love: true crime podcasts.

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