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New Book Wednesday: 27th May 2020

Happy New Book Wednesday! This week we have mysteries, sci-fi horror, and a fascinating biography of Bonnie Prince Charlie. It’s not just the books that are new this week, we’re also launching some fantastic new covers for Vena Cork’s Rosa Thorn Thrillers. 

Here’s what’s new from Lume Books this Wednesday:

Death in Perspective by Joan Lock 

Joan Lock is a former policewoman and nurse who writes non-fiction and crime novels. In Death in Perspective her first contemporary crime thriller, she explores an experience of house-sitting that takes a dark turn. It’s gripping stuff, Mystery Women has called it ‘an intriguing and puzzling mystery, with many twists and turns that hold the reader’.

“At first Berry Hill seemed like the perfect place to house-sit.

Jenny would be able to put the past behind her as she painted watercolours of the beautiful garden, whilst Robin sought that elusive job. But the house proves very isolated and all is not right. Why is one of the bedrooms locked? Where is the owner’s wife? And why does the aggravating Detective Sergeant Bridgeman pester Jenny about a missing schoolgirl? 

Bridgeman’s ever-expanding enquiries lead to a dodgy photographer, a seedy animal sanctuary, a clothes-conscious headmistress, and his old enemy, Rolls, an acid-tongued barrister on whom the tables are now turned. Jenny’s fears grow as strange and threatening events wreck her rural idyll, culminating in a heart-stopping climax.”

Bodyswitch by David Callinan

David Callinan, author of the fantastic Knife Edge, is one of our favourite sci-fi thriller writers. He perfectly combines thrills with psychological horror, and we are excited to release the final two instalments of The Dark Power of Three trilogy. Bodyswitch, the second of the trilogy, asks what would happen if you lost the rights to your own body, and whether you could ever be the same again. 

“Jack Madigan has the perfect life. He runs a mission in the Bronx and his wife Kerry is about to have their first child.

Sadistic sociopath Ernie Mason is released from prison, the poor black kid from the Bronx who has been brutalised by a lifetime of abuse, drugs and crime. He gets drunk, steals a car and goes joyriding in central Manhattan. Ernie Mason hits Kerry full on, killing her instantly and killing himself. 

The bottom falls out of Jack Madigan’s life, until he is made an offer no other human being has ever received: The chance to say a final goodbye to Kerry on ‘the other side’. 

But there is a price to pay. He must allow a recently departed soul to occupy his body while he is in spiritual limbo. Guess who?”

An Angel on my Shoulder by David Callinan 

Following on from the rollercoaster of Bodysnatch, David Callinan gives us the final story in the The Dark Power of Three trilogy. Paul is chosen by angels to transform the planet but he soon believes he’s lost his mind. But what can you do when the voice in your head is impossible to ignore? 

“The new Messiah is alive on Earth today – but he cannot read or write.

Paul is an ordinary man, with an ordinary family and a pretty ordinary job. Why such a man should be chosen by an angel group to fulfil a quest that will help transform the planet is anyone’s guess. And the angels are nothing like the figures of myth and legend.

Convinced he is going mad or sinking into schizophrenia Paul plays along with the angels until he is attacked by dark forces as his odyssey takes him from Europe to Greece, India and Nepal finally reaching the high Andes of Peru and the Monastery of the Seven Rays…

And his own life and the lives of his family are put in mortal danger.”

The Road to Culloden Moor by Diana Preston

In 1745, Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, led the Jacobite Uprising to regain the British throne for his father. When it failed the Stuart cause was ended forever. But why do we have such a soft spot for Bonnie Prince Charlie? In this biography, Diana Preston explores the triumphs and failures of the Jacobite Uprising and the curious life of this romantic historical figure. 

“How did Charles Edward Stuart and his failed Jacobite rising find such an enduring place in our popular memory?

How did a half-Polish prince, who was born in Rome and spoke with an Italian accent, become the Bonnie Prince Charlie of ballad, poem and song? Was he helped by more than just his good looks and personal magnetism? 

He had inherited a legend that began in 1688 when his grandfather, James II, fled to France after being dethroned by William of Orange. Charles had an unshakeable belief in his right to the Crown and his ability to repossess it. Brought up in a court of Jacobite exiles, his earliest memories were stories of the throne that he considered rightfully his.

The Road to Culloden Moor explores two phases in Charles’ life. Firstly, the series of dazzling successes that took Charles within striking distance of London, but which culminated in the disaster of Culloden, the last battle fought on British soil. Secondly, his escape after Culloden and his flight into the Highlands – the period which has fixed him so firmly into our collective consciousness. 

Diana Preston depicts Charles’s journey with historical accuracy and excitement in this riveting account of one of Britain’s most dashing historical figures.”

The Rosa Thorn Thrillers by Vena Cork 

We love this series so much that we’ve decided to give it a makeover! The Rosa Thorn series has been called ‘a compelling, dark-hued psychological thriller’ by The Guardian and ‘One of those rare and energetic books you can’t put down yet don’t want to end’ by The Times. Colin Dexter, the creator of Inspector Morse has praised Vena Cork’s writing as ‘gripping and edgy’ and said that ‘she hooks her reader from the start’. 

We’ll be back next week with more New Books next Wednesday as we head into June. Stay safe and happy reading! 

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