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Hello Lume readers,

It’s finally March, spring is on its way for us in the UK and we are so excited for some better weather. Here are some of our February bestsellers, our latest and upcoming releases and an author spotlight on an iconic writer. Happy reading!

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1. A Slight Folly by Elizabeth Harris

As the twentieth century draws to a close, a group of people in southern England are also bringing their old ways to an end and establishing new lives. They just don’t know it yet…

Beautifully written with compelling characters and an often humorous narrative, A Slight Folly is the third and final book in Elizabeth Harris’s The Wilderness Series.

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2. Flight From Reality by David Stafford

Why did Hess, Hitler’s second in command, land in Scotland in 1941?

In Flight from Reality, editor David Stafford has assembled an international team of experts on this episode. The result is the definitive account of Hess’s mission that separates fact from fiction and sheds new light on its significance in the history of the Second World War.

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3. Across the Years by Emilie Loring

When Faith Jarvis arrives in D.C. to begin a glamorous new job, she has little idea of what is in store for her. She finds a famous senator menaced by an espionage plot that threatens the entire country and finds herself hopelessly in love for the first time — with a man who is with another woman…

What follows is a story of a tale of intrigue, adventure and romance from the iconic Emilie Loring.

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4. Smashing the Atlantic Wall by Patrick Delaforce

In September 1940, Adolf Hitler cancelled Operation Sealion – the proposed invasion of Britain – and instead ordered the Todt Organisation to build 1,500 miles of Atlantic wall defences along the French, Belgian and Dutch coastlines. They did so, using slave labour.

This is the story of Churchill’s plan to destroy the Nazi’s coastal fortresses and end the stalemate on the Western Front.

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5. Perfect Happiness by Rachel Billington

‘Faithful, gratifyingly orderly, delicately thrilling … It is great fun to read’ – The Spectator 

Perfect Happiness finds Emma one year on from where Austen left her. This is a novel to delight Austen’s legions of fans across the globe, and a brilliant recreation of Emma’s world.

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Firepower by John Cutter

White supremacists have climbed their way to the top. It’s his job to bring them down.

Vince Bellator decides to infiltrate their ranks a highly dangerous faction of white supremacists who call themselves The Brethren

As he delves deeper into their ranks, Vince uncovers the group’s sickening plot, an act of national terror that will wreak devastation on America and all it stands for.

With the FBI unconvinced and government officials colluding with Brethren leaders, can Vince stop the terrorist cell before it’s too late?

Pre order Firepower here

By My Sword Alone by David Black

The Battle of Glenshiel, 1719. Thirteen-year-old James Lindsay watches the action unfold as the Jacobite forces supported by his family are defeated. For the rebels, it is the beginning of the end. But for James, forever marked by the battle, it is truly just the beginning.

Later, forced to flee Scotland, James finds himself on the European mainland and eventually in the Roman palace of his own ‘king’. There, he experiences all kinds of adventure, from the romantic to the brutal.

By My Sword Alone is a striking blend of historical novel and psychological profile that immerses readers in the thought, politics and bloodshed of eighteenth-century Europe. It will please David Black’s many fans and likely win him many more.

Pre order By My Sword Alone here

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Tim Severin

Tim Severin was an explorer, historian and writer. He wrote several gripping accounts revisiting the famous journeys of historical figures. 

Tim sadly died in December, but will be remembered for his legendary contributions to history and historical writing.

Four of Tim’s greatest books are now only 0.99.

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