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Newspaper headlines and social media trends bombard us with “fake news” stories, each with their own motivation for driving attention to their story or point of view. With so many voices and so many communication channels, it’s almost impossible to distinguish real stories from the fake. But what if all the voices didn’t belong to multiple personalities but one individual? Someone who is looking to drive public opinion in one direction to reach one terrifying conclusion?

That is the idea behind Endgame, the third part in the thrilling ‘Cadre’ trilogy. Continuing the story from where Targeted and Pursuit finished, we now see the plans of The Cadre (a secret group of powerful men capable of moving pieces around the world’s chess board) coming to fruition. The only thing standing between the group and global domination are Aaron Cross (a former naval officer hunting the men who killed his uncle) and Dylan Taylor (on the run from The Cadre following their attempts to kill him in Pursuit). When their paths inadvertently collide, they soon realise they must work together to prevent The Cadre’s New World Order.

In a world divided by the rule of Trump, Putin, and Brexit, never has it been more important for each of us to read between the lines. Who is driving the news stories we read? What is their endgame? Who wins and who loses? It is too easy for the public to be duped by false hope? If you think it couldn’t happen, you’re kidding yourself. If you think it isn’t happening, you’re more optimistic than I am.

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