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The Streets of Sundown

A showdown eight years in the making…

Lone gunman Bret Manders is on his way to the frontier town of Sundown, with only one thing on his mind.


The town of Sundown is in the iron grip of Darby Wicker.

A sadistic power-hungry man, Wicker came west after the Confederates were defeated.

By the time the Sundown folk realised what a snake he was, it was too late. He had his finger in every pie in town.

Not only that, but he murdered the Sheriff in cold blood and appointed the cowardly Sheriff Veldon in his place.

Turning his eye to the local ranches, he schemes to buy them all out and cement his monopoly on Sundown.

He doesn’t care much if they refuse him – he’ll just burn their ranches to the ground.

With Washington convinced the West has been tamed, Wicker knows the US army won’t trouble him and the town will be powerless to stop him.

But he doesn’t count on Bret.

Hellbent on revenge, Bret’s been hunting Wicker for eight years – and it’s personal.

But even he can’t believe how bad things are in Sundown.

Sheriff Veldon is as yellow-bellied as they come, letting Wicker’s murderous gunmen do as they please.

In fact, the only person Bret trusts in Sundown is Fay Saunders – a singer at the Golden Ace Saloon.

For some reason, she wants to see Wicker dead as much as Bret does.

Meanwhile, despite Wicker’s attacks on the ranchers, none of the ranches want to form an alliance of sort.

It’s a fine mess but Bret knows that if he gives the ranches and decent folk of Sundown some hope that Wicker can be driven away, they’d be on his side.

And where better to start cleaning out Wicker’s corruption than on The Streets of Sundown

A classic Western, The Streets of Sundown is a thrilling and gun-toting story.

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