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The Specialist: Books 8-11

By John Cutter

The Specialist Omnibus Books 8–11 brings together another four action-packed thrillers for fans of adrenaline-fuelled fiction.

In the opening tale, One-Man Army, Jack Sullivan is the Specialist, the toughest action hero of them all. When he learns that a murderous mastermind has hired an army of street thugs to terrorise a local community and force its members from their homes, he knows this is a job he can’t refuse.

In the next story, Vengeance Mountain, Sullivan is approached by the families of a serial killer’s victims.
Jeremy Faraday Junior is the ultimate psychopath: violent, vicious and unhinged. He is also a handsome, rich and charming Ivy League graduate, protected by his father’s money and power.

Sullivan must penetrate Faraday Senior’s jungle fortress to avenge the hundreds of women his son has savagely attacked and murdered. In a place where one man has complete control over the population and law enforcement, Sullivan can trust nobody.

In Beirut Retaliation, the Specialist seeks revenge for the deaths of 260 American marines in a Beirut terrorist attack.
When the government hands him one of the most important missions in America’s history, Sullivan hand-picks a team of mercenaries. But does Sullivan’s army of assassins have what it takes to avenge the massacre?

The next tale, American Vengeance finds Sullivan still on the trail of Hassan the Red and his Warriors of Islam. In this novel, the Specialist finds himself hunting terrorists on the streets of Paris, seeking revenge for the victims of Hassan’s reign of terror.

But, over time, Sullivan’s team of mercenaries has been depleted. Do the Specialist and his team still have what it takes to inflict vengeance?

The Specialist Omnibus Books 8–11 is a rollercoaster ride, a collection of fast-paced, heart-pumping action tales that will thrill existing fans of the series and lovers of action fiction alike. Readers who enjoy the work of authors like David Morrell, Michael Sloan and Robert Ludlum may particularly enjoy the Specialist series.

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