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The Specialist: Books 4-7

By John Cutter

Jack Sullivan is the Specialist; a well-trained ex-mercenary who doesn’t need a licence to kill. Here for the first time are books 4-7 in the series.

The Psycho Soldiers
When the Specialist learns that vicious cult leader John Swenson has escaped from a Southern California asylum to lead his blood-lusting ‘Psycho Soldiers’ called the New Minds Liberation Army on a spree of slaughter, he cannot rest until he stops this madman once and for all.

Maltese Vengeance
A former Air Force colonel in collaboration with an ex-captain from Vietnam has been selling stolen United States weapons to the Libyans and Colonel Qaddaffi. A man named Warneck wants them found and killed. And when he hears that the Specialist is under attack, he is prepared to arm Sullivan with all the information he needs to take revenge. Along with his mercenary ally Oliver Tryst, Sullivan engages on a cut-throat adventure that brings him close to death more times than he can count.

The Big One
On a fortress Caribbean Island, a neo-Nazi strongman named Reichstone and his army of mad-dog killers rule a tortured people and a harem of drug-seduced sex slaves. There is no-one to stop this vicious bunch from swallowing up the entire region except The Specialist…

The Vendetta
When beautiful, vulnerable Janet Springer asks Jack Sullivan to smash Toscani, the Mafia godfather who destroyed first her father and then her brother, Sullivan tells her to forget his usual fee. This is the kind of job The Specialist dreams of – an ideal outlet for his rage against evil. But only after Sullivan launches his one-man assault on Toscani, does he realise that he is battling an enemy more dangerous than he has ever faced before – himself. Following a head trauma, something inside Sullivan has snapped, turning him from a clean-edged instrument of righteous vengeance into a killing machine spiralling out of control …

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