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The Hunted

Time to get the hell out of Dodge…

Clint Winslowe has only one thing on is mind: Revenge.

For years now, Clint’s been tracking the vicious Carswell gang – run by Chet Carswell and his brothers.

They killed his family and now, Chet and his gang of bloodthirsty outlaws have moved further west, to Chandler City.

But once he’s there, all he meets is a bitter gunhawk named Bart Wingate.

Wingate was once the toughest gunslingers out west but Chet Carswell crippled his gun hand and left him for dead.

It seems that the Carswell gang has moved up in to the old mining caves in the nearby mountain passes – but they come down to Dodge for supplies.

Dodge had the reputation of a law-abiding town, with a tough and fair sheriff to match. But these days?

The townspeople may still be law-abiding but it seems the law is in the hands of lesser men.

Rumour has it that Sheriff Varges is not only turning a blind eye to the Carswell gang’s activities but also in league with them.

The only one who seems to be able to stand up to the sheriff is the biggest rancher in the area, Donovan – but even in Dodge, Donovan can only do so much.

Before Clint even gets to Dodge, someone tries to gun him down on its outskirts.

Then two men try to bushwhack him in broad daylight and to his surprise, the two men turn out to be Brad and Bart Carswell.

And unfortunately for Clint, Sheriff Varges lives up to his rumoured reputation.

Even though it’s obvious to Varges who they are, he arrests Clint on the charge of murder.

Clint knows that Varges is the kind to bribe as many witnesses as possible that he murdered ‘honest citizens’ in cold-blood.

But unbeknownst to Varges, Clint knows a mysterious woman witnessed everything – a women whom he also saw in Chandler City.

Regardless, it’s obvious to Clint that the Carswell gang want him dead and gone – shot or lynched. For what reason and rush, Clint has no idea.

All he know is that it’s only a matter of time until he can break free and then the hunter that will be The Hunted…

A thrilling Western, The Hunted is full of intrigue and gun-toting action.

Praise for John Glasby

“A thrilling read” – Robert Foster, acclaimed author of The Lunar Code.

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