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The Battle of Fort Sumter

Fort Sumter. January 9, 1861. The opening salvo of the American Civil War.

On April 12, 1861 ten thousand confederate soldiers lined up to attack sixty union veterans. Through personal accounts, their own experiences and private correspondence, four writers shed light on the first battle of the civil war.

Miss Fletcher tells us the tale unfolding within the fort, from the commanding officer, Major Anderson, down to the ordinary foot-soldier. From the first firing on the fort on January 9th to the battle beginning on April 12th, the world of these soldiers was in a state of flux. They represented a small bastion of unionism amidst the sea of secession. Anxiously awaiting reinforcements from the Union government, they patiently did their duty as war approached.

Eba Anderson Lawton, on the fiftieth anniversary of the battle, tells the story of her father’s experiences commanding the defence of Fort Sumter. Major Robert Anderson, a staunch unionist, surreptitiously moved his forces from Fort Moultrie to the heavily fortified Fort Sumter to prepare to defend against secessionist forces. Through his own letters, Eba Lawton tells us the story of the man behind the first battle of the civil war.

Abner Doubleday recounts his personal experiences of the siege as the man ‘aiming the first gun fired against the rebellion’. A West Point graduate and Mexican war veteran, Doubleday provides us with a proud recollection of his part in defending the union.

Mary Chestnut provides us with what must certainly be the first account of the battle of Sumter, written at the time it was taking place. A South Carolina woman married to a Confederate general, gives us a rare description of these events from the other side. From Chestnut, we hear of the excitement and optimism of the confederacy in those early days of the war.

Together, these stories create an overview of the crucial opening battle of the civil war from the people who were there.

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