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Siege: Malta 1940-1943

By Ernle Bradford

1941. Britain and its allies were pitted in a life or death struggle for North Africa with the Germans. In that war, there was no greater strategic asset than Malta, the tiny, historic island halfway between the two continents.

The island was the supply base for British and Imperial troops, and was vital for the the desert campaigns against Rommel’s Afrika Korps. In May 1941, Rommel declared: “Without Malta the Axis will end by losing control of North Africa.”

He commanded that the island be bombed and starved into submission.

So began the Siege of Malta. 

Over two terrible years, the Luftwaffe flew more than 3,000 bombing missions over Malta, while the Germans and Italians plotted an invasion.

If the Germans could take the island, they could turn the course of the war.

But the resistance from the British and the Maltese was fierce. Even though it became the most heavily bombed place on earth, their will never faltered. And eventually the tide was turned. 

In this thrilling account of the epic battle, the author, who first came to know Malta whilst serving with the Royal Navy during the Second World War, paints a vivid picture of the suffering of the island and its population. 

He draws on personal accounts and reminiscences of the participants. He describes the bravery of both the civilians and the armed forces stationed there. 

It is one of the most gripping of all World War Two stories. 

Ernle Bradford’s books have been widely praised. 

‘A gripping story’ – The Economist. 

Ernle Bradford served with distinction throughout the Second World War. After the war he based himself in Malta, sailing the Mediterranean in a number of small boats and writing prolifically about its history. He died in 1986. His books include ‘Thermopylae: The Battle for the West’. 

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