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Riders of the Pony Express

There’s a rough ride ahead…

The Russell, Majors and Waddell Company is hoping to expand their business from the plains of Kansas into the promised land of California.

Having already found success with the Pony Express, a group of teamsters are sent out to deliver oxen to Virginia City, Nevada and then on to San Franciso.

But on the outskirts of the Virginia city, they’re ambushed.

While all the men survive, the oxen aren’t as lucky; they end up in a nearby gulch, having fallen to their deaths.

The leader of the teamsters, Wagon-master Thompson is convinced it has to be Indians – the trail heading right through Navajo lands.

But Jack Irons is less sure.

Once a cattleman, now an agent for the company, Irons has a reputation as a good but tough man.

But by some, he’s also known as ‘Iron Jack’ – back in Kansas, the name was once twinned with ‘Wanted for murder’.

But the past is the past, and Jack maintains his innocence.

Right now, he’s sure that Thompson has it all wrong; it wasn’t just an ambush, it was sabotage.

Irons knows that in Virginia City is a haulage outfit run by the little but fierce-tempered Jud Awker.

Awker doesn’t like the idea of any other competition in the area – so much so that Awker has the monopoly for haulage in the city.

He’s not about to let the Russell, Majors and Waddell Company muscle their way in on his territory.

To Irons, only Jud Awker would be so savage to nip any competition in the bud.

He knows Awker and his outfit will attack again so they must act quickly to protect the oxen. If Irons play it right, he can even catch Awker red-handed.

And for Irons, he has another motivation: on the way to Viriginia City is the woman he has always loved – Ann Caudry.

If the whole business with Awker is wrapped up fast, he and Ann can finally reunite.

But it seems, Awker and his gang have other ideas and now, not even the riders of the Pony Express are safe…

Riders of the Pony Express is a classic western, filled with plenty of fast-paced, gun-toting action. The perfect read for fans of Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey.

Praise for Gordon Landsborough

‘A punchy tale coupled with plenty of action – an engaging read!’ – Philip McCormac, bestselling western author


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