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By Raya Jones

“We saw you kill in cyberspace,” the woman said. “The way you dismantle codes is amazing. That’s why we’re here, Harvey. Do you have a real name? Aren’t you supposed to be a girl?”

He has many names, but claims none as his true name.

The freelance information retrieval specialist of the galactic net is hired by word of mouth, and always gets what he’s after.

In a post-Apocalyptic world, mankind has spread throughout the universe and is governed by large corporations. Most become citizens of a particular corporation and enjoy the benefits of participating in the luxuries that affords. Some choose to remain tribal people, belonging to no corporation and living the fringes.

Al has lived both lives. A mysterious and brilliant navigator of the cyber net, he is tasked with a job of taking over for Professor Freedom Cordova, an eccentric castoff of one of the powerful corporation families, while Cordova investigates an old mystery for the Consumer Standards Group.

Al takes over, but soon discovers that there is much more to Freedom than first meets the eye.

The enigmatic portal jumper and wily dreamer team up to find the answers they are both looking for.

Who pulls the strings in the corporations?

And what happened to Al’s mother?

Fairweather is layered with futuristic technology and probes a deep mystery of what it means to live in the future of society as the characters jump across the galaxy and masterfully manipulate the pinnacle of technology.

Praise for Raya Jones:

‘A sci-fi adventure filled with intrigue, action, and the exploration of human connection’ – Alex Batty

Besides being hooked on science fiction ever since reading Asimov’s I, Robot as a child, Raya Jones is based in Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences. Her latest scholarly work concerns social robotics in the context of psychology as well as science and technology studies. Previous and ongoing work concerns Jungian and other psychological perspectives, and Raya has published several books in the field. Fairweather is Raya’s debut novel with Venture Press.

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