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Demon Crown Trilogy

By Robert E. Vardeman

This book brings together all three of Robert Vardeman’s Demon Crown fantasy books in a single volume.

The trilogy opens with The Glass Warrior, in which Lord Dews Gaemock is betrayed and besieged. The divided kingdom of Porotane has been ravaged by civil war for twenty years but to win, one side must possess the Demon Crown. Wrought by demons, the plain gold circlet is wondrously magical – but in the wrong hands it is pure evil.

The Glass Warrior must find the twin heirs of the dead king of Porotane – Lokenna and Lorens – reunite them with the Demon Crown and restore them to the throne. But the twins are missing …

The second instalment is Phantoms on the Wind. With Lorens, the rightful heir to the throne in power, Porotane should be enjoying peace and liberty.

However, Lorens has been corrupted by the Demon Crown. He ignores the needs of his people, as well as the burgeoning rebellion inside his own castle. The only hope of peace lies with the second noble twin, Lokenna. But more than one faction is looking for her.

In book three, A Symphony of Storms, Lokenna is found and holds the key to peace. But does she have what it takes to restore the kingdom? And if not, can the Demon Crown finally be put to good use, to give her the strength required?

As another battle for power ensues, it seems a traitor may he hiding in plain sight. Fortunately, there are other-worldly powers ready to fight alongside the fellowship. But are they powerful enough to secure victory?

This omnibus edition of the Demon Crown books is great fun, escapist reading for fans of epic and magical fantasy.

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