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Cenotaph Road Omnibus (Books 4-6)

By Robert E Vardeman

“Robert E. Vardeman has created a pair of heroes – and a villain of equal calibre – guaranteed to live in the reader’s mind long after the last page has been read.” – George Proctor

Iron Tongue – “Death awaits all who travel this road.”

The Cenotaph Road has once again led Lan Martak, Inyx and Krek, their spider companion, to a new world.

They know it will bring new friends, new enemies and new dangers. But the evil, fleshless wizard Claybore has already begun wreaking chaos and havoc in these lands as he searches for his old body and powers.

This time, he seeks his Iron Tongue …

 In a race against time, Lan and his companions must find the Iron Tongue before Claybore does. Will they be able to defeat the nefarious mage once and for all?

Fire and Fog – Lan Martak is still journeying the Cenotaph Road with Inyx and Krek and they find themselves in the middle of a fight with Claybore.

With a combination of sorcery and swordplay, Martak defeats Claybore’s champion, but not before Claybore’s revenge, the champion’s sword thrown unerringly at Martak which cleaves his jaw from his face.

Strange Hereslers, dangerous fogs, and a long fight under the mountain Yerrary will lead to the heroes finding new friends, discovering the depths of magic, and perhaps lose what they hold most dear.

Pillar of Night – Lan and Kiska k’Adesina are hunting for Claybore’s legs.

The sorcerer had been dismembered and his parts strewn along the infinite length of the Cenotaph Road. Over the years, through the millennia, Claybore had slowly reunited his parts. Only Lan Martak stood between Claybore and domination of not a single world but myriads of them.

Will Lan break the spell and stop Claybore? Or will an ancient curse close the road behind him…forever?

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