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Attack of the Seventh Carrier

By Peter Albano

Hidden by a sliding glacier in a secret anchorage in a cove on Siberia’s Chukchi Peninsula in 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy’s largest carrier Yonaga was trapped in ice for 42 years…

Manned by samurai and commanded by Admiral Hiroshi Fujita, the crew subsisted on fish and seaweed while maintaining the ship, aircraft and weapons in top fighting trim…and staving off the advances of time.

Although many crewmen died during their years in the icy Arctic graveyard, in 1983 the carrier broke loose and steamed south through the Bering Sea, her crew determined to carry out their orders to attack Pearl Harbor.

Surprising Pearl Harbor’s defenders, Yonaga’s air groups destroyed carrier Tarawa and sank battleship New Jersey off Ford Island.

While a shocked world counted the dead, an orbiting Red Chinese particle beam weapon malfunctioned and decimated the high-tech machinery of the Earth’s former superpowers.

Only reciprocating engines were able to function, leading to a mad global scramble for World War II ships and planes.

Now, as the elite troops of a fanatical Libyan madman prepare for invasion – aided by a renegade, bloodthirsty American turncoat and backed up by an unstoppable armed force of revamped WWII ships and planes – Yonaga again sails into the explosive fray.

For American Brent Ross, however, whose time serving on the old super-carrier has made him nearly as Japanese as his fellow sailors, the battle lies elsewhere.

Removed from his position on the Yonaga and reassigned to a secret mission aboard the submarine Blackfin, he seeks to destroy the enemy before it realizes its threat.

With a world at stake, one thing is certain: valiant Japanese warriors and American sailors alike leap into battle with only one goal in mind – to triumph…or die!

Attack of the Seventh Carrier is an engaging naval thriller filled with suspense and action.

Praise for Peter Albano

‘A thrilling military adventure’ – Thomas Waugh

Peter Albano (1922-2006) was a US writer who served in the US Navy 1942-1946. He is best known for the nine-book Seventh Carrier sequence of military adventures starring the World War Two Japanese aircraft carrier Yonaga.

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